Monday, November 15, 2010

Forever Friends

We first met when we where about 5 years old at church, and I even remember spending the night in her house when I was in grade school, but we didn't really become good friends until my family moved back to Michigan when I was 16. My dad went to Bible college when I was in junior high, and then we moved around for a couple of years until we finally landed back where we started in Jackson. My parents couldn't afford to put me into the Christian school, so right in the middle of a semester I began attending the public school. It was Awful--and that's not a typo--Awful with a capital A!  I knew some girls that I had known from grade school, but now we were in 10th grade, and they had developed their own friendships and really didn't know me anymore. I had never been so lonely. I went home everyday and cried for two long weeks; then the phone rang! My dad broke the good news to me--"Mr. Alcock wants you to go to Jackson Baptist School, and he is going to pay your way." Relief flooded over me. I began attending my third school that year. Janice Alcock and Amy England, who were both in my grade, immediately showered me with their love and friendship. I had actually known both girls at the primary department at church!  We all became fast friends. 
     Janice and I went to college together, and she was even in my wedding almost 27 years ago.  Life happened to both of us, and somehow, I'm ashamed to say, we lost contact for maybe 20 years. We had a few phone calls--far too few. But something wonderful happened--that amazing thing called Facebook! We rekindled our friendship, and then we decided to move to CA. Janice came to see me the week before we moved, and we had the best time! We laughed and we...well you gotta know we cried! 
      Janice and I have gotten better at keeping up thanks to modern technology. I'm not much of a "write a letter, find an envelope, find a stamp, put it in the mailbox" kind of person, but I do love email and Facebook. Fortunately, Janice is more that type of person than I am. I received in my mail today a little photo album with several pictures from our day together. I'm so happy that she took the time to document a wonderful day shared between two friends not to mention printing the pictures, buying the photo album, and sending it in the mail!  I'm thankful for easy communication, and I'm especially thankful for old friends who are forever friends.

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