Sunday, November 13, 2011

When Life Throws Curve Balls, Make Lemonade --Or Something Like That!

     I'm not really up on sport's analogies, but most people are familiar with the statement "when life throws you a curve ball."  Obviously that means that something has come along in life that was totally unexpected. Life is full of these "curve ball" experiences, and as our family is going through one, I want to share what God is doing. This is a lesson I am learning right now:  When going through the hard times, look for how God is revealing Himself to you, and you WILL see Him! I was reminded of this gem of advice while I was reading a copy of My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers that I picked up at a thrift store for .50 cents yesterday.  "Have you been asking God what He is going to do? He will never tell you. God does not tell you what He is going to do; He reveals to you who He is." Our curve ball was this--my family is no longer at the church that my husband came to pastor nearly 15 months ago. My husband had amazing counseling from several godly pastor friends who counseled him to resign. This has not been one of the easiest times in our lives, but God has given us such peace and assurance. Right now we are in the weird world of waiting--waiting on God.  Meanwhile, God is revealing Himself to us--I have to remind myself of that when I want is a clear picture of where God will place us next.
     So, how has God revealed Himself to us lately?  By bringing a part-time teaching job at West Coast Baptist College to us. We have met so many new people, and we get to see James and Jessica there twice a week--you can't beat that! Not to mention, there is some added income! We have been able to connect with our friends, Mark and Katrina Ksiazkiewicz (don't bother trying to pronounce it :).  We knew Mark and Katrina year and years ago back in Indiana. My husband worked with Mark at a service station as they both made their way through Bible college. Mark and Katrina moved to Lancaster about the same time that my husband started working there. I do believe that God brought them back into our lives! We are having them over for Thanksgiving next week--can't wait!  God has also allowed us to reconnect with Dr. Mark Rasmussen, the vice-president of WCBC, who has been such a godly friend to our family and is just the most encouraging, pro-active friend anyone could imagine.
     God has also revealed Himself by providing for us in various ways. James thought that he would be able to transfer to Home Depot in Lancaster or Palmdale, but that has not worked out, but WCBC offered James and Jessica the opportunity to work for a ministry which helps to pay their school bills AND just as James' bank account was getting pretty depleted, he received a really nice, very necessary, unexpected check in the mail. James was shouting for joy on that one!
     God has also validated the many months in which we poured our hearts and souls into the ministry here in the desert. We have received so many kind letters and phone calls from people telling us that they love us--and some have even said that we helped to change their lives--we know that God did the changing, but it sure was wonderful to be used by Him in that way.  Our experiences here in the desert have changed us too. We know that wherever God leads us next, the situations that God allowed us to experience were only to refine us and make us more useful for His work. It wasn't for naught!
     So many times I wish my life had a written schedule that told me what I could look for next, but even though I don't know what will be next, God does. When the curve balls come, and they will come, I just have to be patient and look for God to reveal Himself all along the way--and possibly make some lemonade!

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  1. So sorry you are going through a "curve ball" time. I know God won't leave you stranded. I'm sure your writing is comforting and inspiring to others who are at this moment also in a "curve ball" time. God bless you all, Laurie.