Monday, March 14, 2011

A Message of Encouragement to My Friends

A message of encouragement to all my sisters in Christ:

Are feeling a little unloved?
I love you, and even more importantly, God loves you.
Remember...He gave His only Son...just for you.
Don't ever doubt that you are loved beyond imagination.

Does thinking about next month, next week or even tomorrow give you anxiety?
Just live for the moment.
God only gives the grace you need for right now
And right now He is right there with you,
And He's not going anywhere.

Are you frustrated, and you don't know what to do?
Spill out your frustration to God; He loves to listen to everything you have to say.
Open His word, and read from the Psalms; He has just the right thing to say to you.

Is life hard right now?
I'm not going to lie to you;
Life is hard.
But more importantly, God IS good...all of the time.

Are you feeling alone? Do you need a friend?
Remember when you accepted Christ as your Saviour?
He took up residence in you that day,
And He promised that He would never leave you or forsake you.
He is the best friend you will ever have.
He will never let you down.
You are not alone.

I have some friends who are going through some very difficult times right now,
and I just want you to know...
I LOVE YOU, my friend, and I am praying for you.


  1. Very Interesting blog. I am now a follower. I thought you might want to check out Paradox Principles
    All the best, Bob West

  2. Thank you! Life is hard! But God is so good and friends are so important! I love your blog!