Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bible Study

    Some of the ladies in the church are having a Bible study that I'm really enjoying.  I am loving the Bible study for a couple of reasons. Number one, going to the Bible study allows me to spend time with and develop friendships with women of the church.  We enjoy a cup of coffee (decaf with hazelnut cream for me) and while studying and discussing the topic, we get to know each other better. Number two, the book we are studying is excellent. The title of the book is Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes. She tackles the tough topic of the dreaded "s" word--submission. Now, she does cover a woman's submission to her husband, but that is after she spends several chapters discussing the true meaning of submission as well as detailing how Jesus Christ Himself was submissive to God the Father when He gave His life on the cross for us. The author also explains how the feminist movement has defined the word "submission" as being dominated by man. Very simply speaking, submission has nothing to do with being dominated but is a system of authority in which the authority is recognized and respected. We had lively, insightful discussion this morning concerning the chapter we are covering. I love being able to look at scripture as the final authority on this topic while reading the words of a very godly lady whose words made us think very deeply. I think that all of ladies who attended the Bible study today went away feeling very challenged.

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  1. I wish I could attend the Bible Study with you! Oh, how refreshing that would be ♥