Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Praying for Men-Part II

I mentioned in my previous blog that I have had such a burden to pray for the men in my life, whether they be the men in my home or the men in my church. Part of my concern with praying for men deals with some very important issues that have come to light while I have been studying God's divine order. These are just some thoughts I have had:

 1. If our churches will reach the men in the community, then usually the wives can also be reached.
  2. If our churches will reach the men in the community, the church will reap the benefits of reaching the children and teenagers of the families too.
  3. If our churches will reach the men in the community, whole families will more readily be reached.
  4. In order to have strong churches, our churches must have strong families.
  5. In order to have strong churches, our churches must be supported financially--they are usually supported by families who work and tithe.

Of course as we as Christians are witnessing, we should witness to everyone, whether they be male or female, rich or poor, young or old, single or married. Oftentimes though, women in the churches have more time to be involved in church functions that help them to grow spiritually. With that spiritual growth comes a burden to see souls saved. Women usually have more time to give to a soul-winning ministry. At this point I am going to speak for myself. When I am soul winning, I find it easier to give the Gospel to children, teens, and women, but I can be intimidated by a man. Now that's just me! When my husband and I are out knocking on doors together though, he always makes a beeline for the men. He has reached several "manly" men, but I feel more awkward being the one to approach men. The men my husband has reached have brought their whole families to church. I have reached women, but they usually come by themselves or they might bring their children. So my next points are:

1. Pray for the spiritual growth of the men in our churches.

2. Pray that the men in our churches will be burdened to reach our communities!

3. Pray that our men will reach other men thereby reaching whole households for Christ.

I asked in my previous blog if you will join me in praying for our men, and I am asking you again. Will you make it a part of your everyday prayers to pray for the men in your life, in your church, and in your community?