Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Husband Preached at Lancaster Baptist School

Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California

We had a great day yesterday! My husband spoke in the junior high and high school chapel for Lancaster Baptist School. At the end of the message, many decisions were made, and it was so sweet to see young men and women on their knees making decisions. I am so blessed to have a godly husband who so strongly desires to see young people live lives of no regrets.

One reason why I was looking forward to coming with my husband for this speaking engagement was that I really wanted to see the principal. For most of my life I tried to steer clear of principals, but this was a different case. The principal of Lancaster Baptist Schools was my youth pastor when I was 15 years old! At that time, my dad was a pastor in Reno, Nevada. Pastor Rick, as the youth called him back then, made a decision that changed my life--he decided to take a van load of girls to Youth Conference in Hammond, Indiana. At that conference in 1979, I made many decisions that changed my life.

I made a decision to tell others about Christ.
I also made a decision to be pure until my wedding day. 
I made the decision to attend Hyles-Anderson College. 

Those were some awesome, powerful decisions! 

At Hyles-Anderson College I met my amazing husband. When I got to the conference that hot August week, I took many pictures. 3 years later when Daryl and I decided to have a date in which we brought our photo albums, he was shocked to see pictures that I had taken because he was in a couple of them! 
While we were dating at Hyles-Anderson

If not for that trip in the summer of '79, I wouldn't have the husband I have, the children I have, nor the life I have led. 
Valentine Banquet 2011 in Mesa, Arizona
I am a very blessed woman. Partly due to the decision of a young youth pastor and his wife, who were expecting their first child, making the decision to haul a bunch of goofy girls across the United States for a conference for teens--a conference that changed my life!

P.S.-If this was my husband's blog, this definitely would not be a post script--it would be the story! After we finished in Lancaster, we headed over to Reagan's Library. Michael Reagan, who is the adopted son of Ronald Reagan and actress Jane Wyman (his first wife), was doing a book signing.  My husband got to meet him and shake his hand, and we both went through the line and got the book signed--plus we had our picture taken with him. It really was a great day!

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  1. What a beautiful story. God has blessed you and your decisions as a teenage girl in such a special way ♥.