Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jane is Not Afraid of the Gospel of Christ!

This past Saturday we had church soul winning and visitation, so we showed up a few minutes early, and so did Jane.  Jane is a feisty 83-year-young widow.  While we all waited for the rest of our group to show up, Jane said to my husband, "Pastor, do you mind if I preach a little bit?"
     "Since we're just out here in the parking lot, I would love to hear you preach!" he said.
     Jane went on to explain why she is so excited to show up for visitation on Saturdays. She went on to say how God gives blessings to those who spread the Gospel, and she was taking advantage of the great opportunity to spread the Gospel in Twentynine Palms. She got excited as she talked and really did look like she was preaching!
     After everyone arrived, my husband and I took off and made some follow-up visits while our kids went with some of the other church folks including Jane. Daryl and I met up with the rest of the group after we made our visits and found them at Stater Brothers (the grocery store) putting fliers on car windows. As soon as we pulled in to the parking lot, we noticed a big pick-up truck and some Marines were up on the bed of the truck dumping ice into coolers and preparing to unload boxes of beer into the ice. There were probably 15-20 Marines and young women standing around the truck talking and obviously preparing for their day.  We soon saw our kids, and they made their way over to our van. Just about the time our kids met us, we looked over and saw Jane boldly sauntering up to the crowd of party-ready people. She walked right into the middle of all of them and handed tracts to each person and invited them to church! Honestly, I couldn't believe her boldness!
     Jane, at 83 years of age, is a bold witness for her Lord and Saviour. She is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ. On another occasion, she was going door to door with another one of our church ladies, and a man came to the door. When he realized that the ladies were from church, he quickly said, "Oh no! No thank you!"  Jane shoved the door open with tract in hand and said, "You need to take this and read it! You need Jesus!"
     Jane's witness for Christ is convicting.  Her boldness in approaching people is inspiring. She is not afraid, and not only is she just not afraid, but she loves the time that she spends being a witness in her community. I'm so glad God brought Jane into my life. From now on when I am feeling timid while approaching someone with the Gospel, I will think of Jane approaching that group of Marines!

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