Wednesday, November 30, 2011


William got this book as a birthday gift, and for those of you who have sport's fans in your home, I thought you might enjoy his review of of Pujol's:  More Than the Game.

Review by:  William Whitehouse

Authors: Scott Lamb & Tim Ellsworth

When you write an analysis for a book, you are supposed to say what you liked and didn't like; well there was nothing I didn't like that was in the book. I like how this book goes through his first ten years of his career and shows the highlights in each season. For some reason I like to look at the stats of someone's career--this book has that. I also like how this book talks about Albert Pujols' faith in God, and I like how he wants to thank God every chance he gets.

I am a huge baseball fan. I could sit down and watch the same baseball game over and over ( it is like my sister sitting down and watching Pride and Prejudice for the thousandth time). If you are a baseball fan, WHAT ARE YOU DOING if you haven't read this book yet? Stop watching Sport's Center and get this book! I could say this till I am blue in the face-- this is a great book for baseball fans! I think this book is great for everyone, especially young men that are in their teenage years. When you're a parent, you want your young men or boys  to be around good, godly, strong men that are living the right way, and if they are going to look up to an athlete, you want them to look up to an athlete that is living a right way. This book shows that Albert Pujols is one of those athletes that you could look up to. I don't just like this book because I am a baseball fan, but I also like this book because I am a Christian. It feels good to know that there is an athlete out there who loves God and wants to shout God's name out every time he can and wants to thank God every time he can.

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