Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Dinner!

I couldn't help it-- I had to take pictures because Sunday dinner was worth remembering today!  The best part was eating it, but the second best part was the easy preparation.  Our friends, Lloyd and Debbie, gave us a lovely package of chuck steak, and I knew immediately that it would make some great Italian beef--and oh, was it sooooooo good. There really isn't a recipe. You can use about 4-6 lb of chuck steak or sirloin--I've even used a chuck roast (just make sure it doesn't have a lot of fat).  Throw it in the crock pot along with 1 jar of pepporcinis and let it cook a good long time--about 8 hrs. on low should do it. I have even let it cook overnight. I even got a great deal on fresh, baked hard rolls at Food 4 Less. The bakery bakes the rolls fresh every morning. They charge $1 for 3 rolls. I bought some white, wheat, and poppyseed. I made some homemade salsa on Saturday evening and a big pitcher of tea. We hate to be unsociable, but we pretty much ran home today from church and enjoyed a great meal. Hope the rest of you had a great Sunday meal too!

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