Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday Evening at Faith Baptist Church in Wildomar, CA

Dr. Bruce Goddard asked my husband to preach the Wedesday evening service at Faith Baptist Church in Wildomar last evening (Pastor and Mrs. Goddard are on vacation).  So we packed ourselves into our faithful Town and Country and drove ourselves on over to the church--about 90 miles from where we live in Yucca Valley.  We made it there in plenty of time thanks to our handy dandy GPS--praise God for that little device! We've been to the church a few times, but it's easy to get lost on the California highway systems.

             This is Keith, Jessica, James, and William getting ready to make their grand entrance.
                                  James hasn't taken a serious picture since he was born!

Obviously, this is the front of the church--isn't it beautiful?  To the right of the church complex, which you can't see in this picture,  is another building which used to be small hospital. The church bought it several years ago, and it now functions as the school, church offices, Sunday school rooms, etc. 

I asked Jessica if she could get a picture of her dad at the pulpit without making a spectacle of us by allowing the camera to flash, but in the hurry to take the picture, she forgot to turn the flash off! It was okay though--I don't think anyone either noticed or cared.

Of course my husband did a great job, and we enjoyed the special music which was brought to us by the teen choir. I was able to see some wonderful friends from our Hyles-Anderson days. Jessica even got to see her piano teacher of many years ago, Denise Fletcher. One of the highlights of my evening was getting to talk for a while with Jennifer Beil. Years ago, when my husband and I worked with public school kids from our church, Jennifer went on an activity with us, and she was such a blast to be with. My kids were really young, and they thought she was hilarious. Jennifer is now a young mom who has been on the mission field in Ghana, Africa with her husband Brett (one of my former English students). Jennifer and Brett were forced to return to the United States recently due to Jennifer's health. It was thought that she may have cancer, but now doctors think she has some mysterious tropical disease. Keep these folks in your prayers as they try to get Jennifer healthy.

This is a link to the Beil families blog, so you can get to know them and pray for them too:

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