Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Eve

Birthday eve--you know...that all important day before the birthday.  Today is William's Birthday Eve--the day when the excitement of the actual birthday peaks. Tomorrow he will be 16. That means 16 years ago I was as big as a house.
     Daryl and I went shopping for William today which is never an easy task.  He has always had such simple tastes and has enjoyed such simple pleasures. When he was little he really liked to draw and play with hot wheels. As he got older, he loved perusing through his collection of baseball cards. It's pretty nice having a kid who is so easy to please, but when it come to shopping for him we really don't want him to get cheated! He likes clothing now, but he is 6'9. Shopping for cool clothes for him is kind of tough, but I think we got it figured out today. We'll see tomorrow if we have done a good job--tomorrow...the day of his birthday.

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