Friday, November 19, 2010

 *I feel the need to add this disclaimer concerning the picture of William and his birthday cake--he really isn't as goofy as he appears to be in the picture! He was just having a little fun!  

We all had a good time on William's birthday. Jessica loves to bake and cook, and I had told her about a cake I had made several years ago that tastes like a Mounds candy bar--coconut and chocolate. I looked up the recipe on-line and found several variations and then she customized the recipe a lttle more and turned it into a two-layer cake. It's very rich and very delicious!
     We all went to the Yucca Bowl, the only bowling alley in town, and played two games. Daryl won the first; James won the second. I hadn't played in years and had to find the lightest bowling ball available. We all had a great time.
      I also took part in a Bible study yesterday morning. Along with our Bibles, the book we are studying is called Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes.  I love the book especially because it focuses on that dreaded "S" word--submission.  Yesterday we studied "Submission to the Gospel." We talked about what the Gospel is:  The fact that we are all sinners; Jesus Christ died on the cross, was buried, and resurrected--and all we have to do is accept that by faith.  Our lives as Christians should be wrapped around that one truth--that should be our driving force. Each one of us at the Bible study then gave our testimony as to when we were saved. What a blessing to hear how God intervened in the life of each person at that table and saved them!


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