Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

"I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country: he is a Bird of bad moral character: like those among Men who live by Sharping and Robbing, he is generally poor and very often lousy. The Turkey is a much more respectable Bird and withal a true original Native of North America"-Benjamin Franklin

I don't know if I agree or not with old Ben Franklin, but I sure do know that a turkey sure does taste good on Thanksgiving day and on a turkey sandwich a day later! 
     We impatiently awaited the arrival of our friends, the Marchessault's, who arrived on Thanksgiving Eve all the way from Oregon. We hadn't seen them in nearly 5 years! Branson was just four years old when they left Indiana, and Preston was only 9 months old. Brother Marcus was in my husband's history classes in evening college at Hyles-Anderson College, and then when my husband became the Dean of the Married Students, we got to know both Marcus and Lynette very well, and we all became close friends. Although our ministry was supposed to be to them, when they lived in Indiana, we always felt that they ministered to us. We have been very blessed through the years to get to know and love people who are serving the Lord all over the world. What a joy it is to build relationships that last a lifetime with our brothers and sisters in the Lord!
     I did my best to prepare as many of the food items a day in advance--the pies, coconut cake, fresh cranberry sauce, stuffing, etc., but there's no way to get out of lots of cooking on the big day. I'm so happy that Jessica is such an amazing help to me! She ironed our table cloth and set the table beautifully, and she jumped right in to help with the cooking too. We had a delicious turkey with traditional stuffing, a spiral ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole with a crunchy pecan topping, corn, green beans with bacon, and brussel sprouts. As much as we all tried to savor the delicious dinner that had taken hours and hours to prepare, I think we all became stuffed too soon! Fortunately we had room for dessert later in the evening.
      Just before the last minute meal preparations were to be completed, Lynette, Jessica, Branson, and Preston and I were able to take a good hike up the trail behind where we live. The trail is made up of three levels of hills, so my heart was pounding pretty good by the time we got to the top; we were able to enjoy the view of Yucca Valley from up there, and then we came back down just in time to finish preparing the dinner.   
      Being that we have only lived in this apartment for 3 months, the preparation of the dinner, especially during the last minutes, was quite challenging. Trying to figure out where to place the turkey platter while cutting the turkey and the ham was like trying to piece a puzzle together, but it all worked out in the end. I have kind of missed our Indiana house the past few days, but only because it had more room for company and more room for big dinners.  
     Branson and Preston brought their DS games which have some sort of mental challenge on them which is able to tell how old your brain is functioning at. I'm not really sure it was a good idea to for us adults to start playing!. It could almost ruin your day when you feel 5 pounds heavier and then your told your brain is functioning like you are an 80 -year-old--ugh!!! 
   Thanksgiving--what a great idea! It is a day set aside just to give thanks for the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us throughout the year. It is a day just to enjoy food, family, friends, and wholesome fellowship. We are so blessed because we have a God who is so good!

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Lord, so often times, as any other day
When we sit down to our meal and pray

We hurry along and make fast the blessing
Thanks, amen. Now please pass the dressing

We're slaves to the olfactory overload
We must rush our prayer before the food gets cold

But Lord, I'd like to take a few minute more
To really give thanks to what I'm thankful for

For my family, my health, a nice soft bed
My friends, my freedom, a roof over my head

I'm thankful right now to be surrounded by those
Whose lives touch me more than they'll ever possibly know

Thankful Lord, that You've blessed me beyond measure
Thankful that in my heart lives life's greatest treasure

That You, dear Jesus, reside in that place
And I'm ever so grateful for Your unending grace

So please, heavenly Father, bless this food You've provided
And bless each and every person invited

--Scott Wesemann 


  1. So happy you are enjoying the company of good friends. I still smile every time I read something you write about Yucca Valley. We bought our first home there ♥.

  2. We have enjoyed getting to know Yucca Valley as well as the whole Morongo Valley. This is a very unique place--I think unique even to California! Thanks for reading the blog!