Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Preparations

     We are soooo excited because our good friends the Marcus and Lynette are on their way from Oregon, and will be here to help us celebrate Thanksgiving!! Our family will spend today making preparations for the meal tomorrow and making sure we know where the gravy boat is and all the other things we use for our special meal. I've already had to make one trip to the garage to look in boxes for our pretty glasses just to find out that they are in storage in our cabinets inside.
     I just wanted to list some of the things I am thankful for:
     1. My salvation--Jesus saved me when I was 8 years old. What joy and peace that has given me throughout the years.
    2. A happy-not ho hum-marriage. Daryl and I have married almost 27 years, and we love being married. I love that man!
    3. My kids-James, Jessica, William, and Keith. They were such a gift to us. I love them so much!
    4. My family in Florida who are celebrating Thanksgiving without me but having a good time any way! I love you all! 
     5. My mom-who is one of those in Florida. I just had to point her out especially because I miss her and love her so much. My mom is the greatest!
     6. Extended family in Indiana-Mamaw, Uncle Ray and Aunt Debi, Uncle Dave and Cheryl, and all their kids and their kid's kids. Wishing a big, happy Thanksgiving to Lacey and Jason who are missionaries in the Philippines and spending their first Thanksgiving there.
     7. I'm thankful for our church, FBC in 29 Palms, and all the good folks there. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with them on Sunday afternoon.
     8. I'm thankful for nature and beautiful things God made for me to enjoy.
     9. I'm thankful for good health, and I don't take it for granted!
     10. I'm thankful for our dog Max--he is just so cute!
     11. I'm thankful for my food processor.
     12. I'm thankful for Josh Groban's Christmas CD and Christmas music in general.
Keith is sitting next to me, and he is thankful for:
    1. His family
    2. God
    3. Bible (Now I feel bad because I didn't include that on my list:)
    4. Home
    5. A dad who can work
    6. A dad who doesn't give up when things are hard
    7. A mom who loves us a lot (this one needed a prompt-lol)

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