Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Word Fitly Spoken

Proverbs  25:11 says, A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.  I taught English for 9 years, so when I see this verse in Proverbs, I automatically see that it is a simile; the verse is making a comparison using the word "as."  When similes and metaphors are used in scripture, it is because God is trying to relate His words to our world. He uses comparisons that we can understand if we will think about what He is saying. The apple is one of the most common fruits available to mankind, so most people can readily picture an apple. Then God says that the apples we are to picture are golden apples framed and surrounded by silver--again he uses two precious, beautiful metals that are commonly known to help us relate to His Word. Could you imagine the kind of home in which such a beautiful piece of art would hang? The picture being made of gold and silver must be valuable, so the home in which it hangs must be a sight to see! God says that our words are like this fine picture--valuable and beautiful.  And what about the vessel from which these words come forth?  God sees us as being more beautiful when we are speaking appropriate, beneficial words.
     This week, Daryl and I received many such words. We were strengthened and made healthy in our in our spirits due to many kind letters, phone calls, Facebook messages, and face-to-face words we received. God's Word gives much credence to the words we speak. I thank and praise my God for showering us with words that became blessings to us this week, and I thank all of those who used their words to be a blessing to us!

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