Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Monkey? No, a Love Story-Part ll

     If you haven't read "A Monkey? No, a Love Story" then this post might not mean much to you, but if you have read it, I think this will be an extra special blessing as it has been to us today.  This morning we received the news that Gladys husband, Frank, joined her in Heaven! Last Friday Daryl and I went to see Frank and Gladys at their home. Gladys was obviously close to entering the joys of Heaven. We enjoyed Frank's company and had a wonderful time as he shared his life with us and showed us around his house. He seemed so spry and full of life. Gladys went home to be with the Lord on Saturday evening. Frank was in church on Sunday morning. Since losing Gladys, Frank's health rapidly declined, and he cried out for his lost companion whenever he awakened--he really didn't want to live without her. Frank and Gladys are now enjoying perfect health in their new bodies in Heaven. God's timing is always perfect! Tomorrow my husband will perform his first funeral since becoming pastor of First Baptist Church of Twentynine Palms--a double funeral--for a sweet, loving couple who were constant companions in life and now enjoying Heaven for eternity!

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