Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cute Question from My Cute Daughter

     I get kind of wistful when I read and hear of the adorable things that little kids say to their parents.

     I remember those days. I kind of thought those cute sayings and questions were all in the past.

     Until yesterday.

     Jessica:  "Mom, do think God was tired after He created everything?"

     Me:  "Well..."  him haw him haw him haw "I can't imagine God being tired."

    Jessica:  "Oh."   Silence...

    Me:  "Why would you ask that?"

    Jessica:  "Well, the Bible says that He rested on the seventh day. Why would He have to rest if He wasn't tired?"

    That's a good question.  I don't have the answer. All I could come up with was that maybe God was just trying to show us what we need to do after we work hard all week. I sure can't imagine that God gets tired--but then again, we are created in His image.  Well, it's definitely food for thought.


  1. The word rest in the Bible is defined in many ways. One is this: To cease from action or motion, as in a musical pause...a pause in reading poetry or prose...a pause to view with satisfaction what has been accomplished. I hope God doesn't get tired--I'm afraid I'd weary Him too much!!! Aren't children sweet and so basic in their understanding! That's a cute story, Laurie. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I just liked that fact that she was thinking about God's words while we were walking. Thanks for the definition--it makes sense that God would want to enjoy His own creation.

  3. I love hearing about kids and their conversations. These mommy days are happy days, aren't they? And your children are blessed with such a special mommy, that's for sure!