Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kickapoo Trail

 We live on Kickapoo Trail. The Kickapoos were an Indian tribe--just thought you should know that if you didn't already. When we walk out to the street we start walking up the trail and in a block and a half, it turns into a sandy road--a trail. Hiking the trail has been a spiritual thing. I think when you see the pictures, you'll understand why. We have such a great, artistic God who painted an endless panoramic view right in our own backyard.
Yesterday I posted on Facebook that I saw my first Joshua Tree bloom--honestly, I don't know if it's a bloom or a blossom; maybe someone can help me out with that one!  I had several people ask me to post pictures, but I didn't haul my camera up there with me. I know it doesn't seem like a little digital camera would have to be "hauled," but ANY little thing extra ends up feeling like a 20 lb. weight when your walking up hill for a mile and half.
     Today Jessica and I hauled the camera so that I could get pictures of the Joshua Tree. I went ahead and took pictures of the whole hike. I wish the pictures actually did justice to the view
I love walking past this property. Little quail are always running around making their chirping sounds.

This is the bloom/blossom I saw yesterday.  I noticed that there were quite a few more open today.

I love walking with my kids and hearing their exclamations over this wondrous sight!  We have had a chance to see many other desert towns, but I sure haven't seen one with the amazing views that Yucca Valley has.

The top of the peak in this picture was Jessica and William's goal today--not mine! I went pretty far, but I could just see myself rolling down the mountain--it wouldn't be a pretty sight.
We have yet to follow this part of the trail.  It leads into Joshua Tree National Park.

My goal for the day was the water tower at the top left of the picture.  I made it!
Picture taken from the water tower hill.
Look at what God did!!!!!!!  I just can't get over it!!
Can you see Jessica and William on the top of the mountain?


  1. Love the pictures, and I agree, God did good when he made mountains and deserts! I'm just a wee bit jealous and homesick for my desert views, but I get to see them soon!

  2. It's like a totally different world out there! Beautiful!