Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Gossip Zone-Part IV

     I hadn't planned on adding a Part IV, but then of course one more thought concerning this issue passed through my head. I have a question which is as much to me as it is to anyone else--why is it okay to say negative things about husbands, kids, parents, sisters, brothers, or other family members when we wouldn't say the same things about other people. Example: "I can't believe my son got an 'F' in science" or "I can't believe my husband didn't buy me a card for Valentine's day" or "My mom and I just don't get along" or "If I were in charge, my grandkids would never get away with that behavior." The people whom we should protect and build are torn down in the sight of others when we give away these little nuggets of "nobodies business." I'm not really sure why this type of talk is so common and so easy fall into, but I do know that this talk is not pleasing to God, and it definitely would not be pleasing for our family members if they only knew the negative things that were being said about them by the ones who should love them most. How would you feel if you knew your family members told people how you didn't keep the laundry done or how you snapped at them when you were tired or how you couldn't keep the checkbook balanced or a myriad of other things you do wrong. I know how I would feel--betrayed and humiliated!  This is what God's Word says about our words- "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." Instead of using our words to defeat, humiliate, embarrass, discourage and give to death to those we love, let's work hard to build, encourage, uplift, and give life to our loved ones. We as women hold the keys as to how others see those whom we love. If we want to respect our husbands as we should, we should first of all use respectful words when speaking about them. There are some things that should stay in the family--it's family business and does not need to broadcast to our friends. Always keep in mind how you would feel if something similar was told about you--remember "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"!

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  1. This was a good point! I guess that sometimes "familiarity brings contempt" :).