Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some Lessons on Marriage from Ronnie and Nancy

     We made a visit recently to the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA. The library has a marvelous location on the top of a mountain which overlooks a lush, green valley checkered with grape vineyards and beautiful homes. We arrived just days before the centennial celebration of President Reagan's birthday, and the place was bustling with workers making preparations. Some of the museum was off limits because special exhibits would soon be opening.

     We loved our visit and plan on going back again in the next few months. We decided while there to buy a membership to the presidential libraries because we knew we wanted to go back, and we also wanted to go to Richard Nixon's Library in Yorba Linda (which we did last week).  For becoming a member, we received a Ronald Reagan calendar which has pictures and quotes by him. One of the quotes from "Ronnie" to his beloved wife, Nancy, was, "I more than love you; I'm not whole without you. You are life itself to me when you are gone. I'm waiting for you to return so I can start living again." It was addressed to "Dear First Lady" and signed "Your grateful husband." I know....awwwwwww!!!!  If you have never read the book I Love You, Ronnie, I highly recommend that you do!  When it first came out, my husband recommended it to his history classes at Hyles-Anderson College, and many of the young ladies went crazy over it. Ronnie and Nancy were just such an adorable couple who just absolutely adored one another. Their devotion to each other was inspiring. My husband always joked with the men saying that they should not let their wives read the book but should copy the letters and send them to their wives! Obviously he was just joking--kind of! lol

     Nancy always called her husband Ronnie, and he called sometimes he called her Nancy Poo Pants--I'm kind of surprised she let him call her that, but it really is funny and cute. I like it when couples have nicknames for each other. My family always called my brother Tim, but sister-in-law has always called him Timothy. My husband has a nickname for me--but  I can't tell you what it is! lol
     Nancy was known to be fiercely defensive of her man. I like that! She had the highest praise for her man, and no one would dare say anything negative of Ronnie in her presence. She was his greatest supporter. I believe she supported her man all the way to the White House. What kind of leader do you want your husband to be? Will you support him in his dreams and aspirations. Will you help him see what his potential is?  I think so many men have such great potential for leadership, and all they need is a women to urge him to fulfill his leadership ability just like Nancy did for Ronnie.

     Another thing I liked about  Nancy Reagan was that she let her man know that he was the ONLY one for her!  She thought he was the smartest, best looking man she had ever known, and she let him know it. She didn't worry about him getting a big head. She had no problem in "feeding his ego," and he had no problem in making sure she shared in every triumph he achieved!

     There is so much to learn about marriage, and I think I can take some pointers from the marriage of Ronnie and Nancy.  They had an epic love story--and I want one too! Maybe I'll dig that book out of storage and reread it this week.


  1. That is the sweetest thing ~ I'm not whole without you....ahhhh.

  2. I'll have to get this book. It sounds like something I would enjoy reading! Thanks for sharing.