Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I found this little gem today in my Bible today:  Psalms 101:2-I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.

This verse reminds me how important behaving rightly in my home is to my family.  My testimony to my husband and kids far outweighs my testimony to any one else on earth.  My family is my number one ministry. I want my kids to remember me as happy, joyful, active, industrious, even-tempered, fun, funny, sensitive to their needs, and spiritual.

Several years ago I had a music tape by a trio called Heirloom. I memorized the words to this song and would often sing it to myself:

Up before dawn and out the door
What in this world are we striving for
We already have much more than our time affords
Struggling up the ladder offers us little reward
If we're heroes to strangers and strangers to our children
We won't stand blameless before the Lord.

He said, "Suffer the little children; for such is the kingdom of Heaven."
Oh, you know He loves the little ones.
 So mothers and fathers, let's follow the Saviour
And cherish the treasures we have in daughters and sons.

I would often recall this song when the kids were little because we had chosen for me not to work so that I could be home, and  we were financially struggling; and now I recall it when I think of the inheritance of the testimony I long to leave my children (they might not get much more! lol). Being a wife and a mom is a one-shot deal. I hate the stereotype of women being grouchy, silent, worried, and/or moody--even though we have all been there. I don't want to leave those images as my legacy to my family. Even when I get in "one of those moods," I need to realize it and ask God to guide me out of it so that I can be what I am supposed to be for my family--a happy mom!


  1. Thank you for the reset button. I love that song. What an important thing for our children.

  2. Ewww! Ouch. You are so right. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. What a wonderful reminder you are to us. Right now I'm a SAHM & we're struggling with finances and medical bills and sometimes it's a bit overwhelming. Your post is a reminder to keep practicing the virtues and not lose yourself to the troubles of this world, but do everything in love, especially to those close to our hearts, family:-) Thank you for your visit and following, I'm following back. What a wonderful spiritual inspiration. Blessings.