Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Simple Day

I guess not all of my blogs have to be really thoughtful or even thought provoking. This one definitely won't be either one of those! I've just had a simple day at home. My dearest mom called this morning and thrilled me with the news that she bought her and Bob's (my stepdad) plane tickets to come and see us in May! I was so excited that I cleaned out the frig--I know I'll have to do it again before she gets here (probably two or three times), but I had to use up my happy energy somehow!

I had school with the kids, did the laundry, cut Keith's hair, played Wii tennis and got beat by Keith again, made dinner, watched a movie with the family, and now I'm sitting with my doggies at my feet enjoying the cool air of spring coming through the screen in my bedroom.

Even with all the chaos in the world, my little corner is peaceful and good. Thank you, Jesus, for sending this day to me!

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