Monday, April 11, 2011

Confessions of a Lazy Cook

     Once upon a time I used to be a pretty good cook, and when I really want to, I can still pull off a great meal. The problem is that the urge to really want to be a good cook hits me a lot less than it used to. I'm not sure why.
       Anyhow, the urge to make some muffins for our ladies Bible study hit me the other day while I was out grocery shopping.  It wasn't one of those "make it from scratch" urges, but more like "make it look like it came from scratch" urges. My Aunt Pat used to work at the Jiffy Mix plant in Chelsea, Michigan while I was growing up, so I picked up some blueberry muffin mix--the one with those little bits of fake blueberry in them. Jessica and I decided to soup up the muffin mix by adding a couple of tablespoons full of fresh-squeezed orange juice and putting a crumb mixture on the top of the muffins.  Jessica said that I should add the crumb mixture after the muffins came out the oven, but nooooooooo, I knew better and put the crumb mixture on before the muffins went in the oven.
      This was the result of the doctored up blueberry muffins:
     Not pretty!  They were too embarrassing to take to the ladies Bible study, so we ate them, and I must admit, they were really good.  The brown sugar crumble topping sank to the bottom to create a gooey, sticky, yummy surprise. Jessica laughingly said that these were the best muffins she ever had!
     I added just a little extra flour to the rest of the batter and added the crumble mixture until after I removed the muffins from the oven, and the next batch ended up much prettier. Now I can take them to the Bible study with my head held high--who cares how they taste as long as they look good? Actually, I'd rather have ugly food that tastes good than pretty food that tastes poor, but my vanity got the best of me this time.


  1. Great idea! And I love Jiffy's blueberry muffin mix! YUMMY! Ok, I have done the same thing with the crumble on top. sinks. But it's so good!

  2. I loved this story. It made me chuckle. Because I have had similar urges and experiences. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!