Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lesson Learned from

   We went to a conference at West Coast Baptist College last week, so before we left I used to book our rooms.  I had used Priceline before and had been very happy with the results. Being that we were going to be in our motel for more than one night, we really wanted a little more luxury than a 1-star motel, so I requested a 2-star motel. I was not really happy with the options I was given as far as price was concerned, so I chose the option in which you name your own price.  With the "name your own price" option you don't know exactly which motel you get until it is paid for. We were very happy to see that we got a Courtyard by Marriott motel--I like their fluffy beds and pillows!
     I have to admit, I was pretty proud of myself to get a room which had been listed for $145 on the website for $65...and now for the rest of the story.  We arrived in Palmdale, sister town to Lancaster, and pulled up to our hotel. I went in and registered and received the key cards, and then I headed over to the elevator with the kids. While we were waiting for the elevator doors to open, I noticed a young man and two young teenage boys standing a few yards away, and I could not help hear their conversation.  One of the two boys said, "This is a really nice motel. How much did the rooms cost?"
   The adult said, "Well, I got the rooms on and got a pretty good deal."  That's when my ears really perked up. I was waiting for his answer to affirm my great deal that I had bargained for. The next words he spoke were, "I got my rooms for $45."
   Oh brother.  Well that just sucked all the air out of the idea that I had gotten a good deal. I can't begin to tell you how that bothered me, but I must admit, I did learn something. I'm looking forward to my next little rendezvous with  We'll see who wins next time!


  1. That's still an amazing price! I'll have to check out priceline sometime!

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