Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Blog Fave

Choosing a blog to highlight every Friday is really fun! This week's choice is one that I like to click on every day.  It only takes a minute to read, and everyday brings a new picture and statement.  The name of the blog I have chosen this week is "Beyond My Wall in Pictures," and is written and photographed by Sheri Edwards and her daughter Katie.  Here are the things I like about this Friday's blog fave:

1. I love that the blog is a mother-daughter endeavor
2. The blog documents this year, 2011, with a new entry everyday--something that captures each particular day
3. I love the conciseness of each entry--I can quickly read an entry and look at the picture and still have time to blog surf some more
4. I love the owl theme of the background and header
5. The Edward's family has been on deputation preparing to leave for their mission field in Brazil--the blog captures all of their preparations

This is the link to Sheri and Katie's blog:


  1. Agh! I just changed the theme! Oh well...
    Thanks for the "loving my blog"! I think yours is pretty awesome too. :)


  2. Thanks for sharing, I have enjoyed visiting her blog too!