Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flaming Words


Former vice-presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, has recently had her past emails, from the moment she became governor of Alaska, scoured and scrutinized by the media.  Obviously the media was looking for tidbits which would be attack-worthy.  Much to the dismay of the media, nothing has been found in Palin's email that would indict her; in fact, the opposite has been true. Sarah Palin's emails that were written from the governor's office have proven her integrity as a politician.

The Bible speaks often of the damage that one of the littlest members of our bodies can cause--the tongue.  Unfortunately we have other bodily members that can do damage because as Proverbs 23:7 says,  "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." Our deepest thoughts will eventually overflow either through the mouth or possibly through the hand that has a pen and paper in it, or a computer keyboard under it, or a phone with texting capability on it.  In offices across America, the Gregg Reference Manual is a book that is used by secretaries (and anyone who has to deal with office paperwork) to help with capitalization, punctuation, letter writing etiquette, developing resumes; and the book even includes such tasks as folding letters and writing emails. In the section on emails, the book discusses email etiquette.  Emails that are hastily written out of anger are called, "flaming" emails. The writing of flaming emails is highly discouraged in the workplace.  The authors of emails are encouraged to cool down before writing what could end up being seen not just by the reader of the email but also by others. Another reason not to write a "flaming" email is because emails can be saved and referenced for later use. Writing flaming emails is highly unprofessional! Going a step further, writing flaming letters or emails is a highly unchristian-like thing for a Christian to do. 

The Bible calls for Christians to live a life of temperance--otherwise known as self-control. We have a testimony to keep amongst an unlost world who may only come to know Christ through us.  We have a testimony to keep among our sisters and brothers in Christ.  We should never allow our words to become a stumbling block to another Christian. I can think of nothing that would grieve God's heart more than watching His own children, as I like to say, "acting ugly" to each other! May we be a people of integrity to a world that has lost the meaning of the word.

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