Friday, June 17, 2011

Letter Writing: A Lost Art?

George Washington was said to have written from 18,000 to 20,000 letters during his lifetime.  The art of letter writing has really taken a nosedive in our time. Of course, communication in general has skyrocketed with the use of cell phones, email, and every other means of communication. There is nothing better though, than going to the mailbox and retrieving a real live handwritten letter! I'm not a pack rat, but I do have some memorabilia from my childhood.  Most of my treasured items are birthday cards from my great grandmothers, cards that I received when I got married, and I even have a piece of paper towel on which my dad wrote in extra-large print "Happy Birthday, Laurie! Love, Dad."  In an old plastic bag, I have all the love letters that my husband sent to me while we were dating and engaged. On occasion I sift through my handwritten treasures and remember people in my life from another time. I'm so glad I have tangible evidence of love expressed to me through the years!

I am not as faithful as I should be at sending notes, cards, and letters, and every year as my New's Years resolution, I vow to write more. I really would hate to see the art of letter writing, note writing, and card sending die--and it really doesn't have to. Although sending an email is free if you have internet, it just doesn't have that personal touch that sending something handwritten has. Texting is very popular, but this form of electronic communication is made up of shortened words and phrases and is not very lovely or permanent.

This is the month of June--the middle of the year. Maybe I'll just renew my beginning-of-the-year resolution and do some much needed writing!

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