Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Keith!

My "baby" had his birthday this past Sunday, and he turned 14.  Anytime I call Keith my baby, he always says, "I'm not a baby," and in return I say, "You're MY baby." In spite of his not wanting to be a baby, I think he kind of likes our banter about the subject.

Sometime this past year, he grew taller than me. I am 5'11, and he is now 6'2. I feel very protected when I am with all of my big, tall men. James, who is our oldest son, is 6'3, and William is 6'10 (17 years old). We no longer have "hand me downs," we have "hand me ups"; the clothing that William and Keith grow out of often goes to James!

Keith has grown to love reading this past year, and he wanted a book for his birthday, so we bought him The Count of Monte Cristo. We got him one of those nice, leatherbound copies from Barnes and Nobles--and he loves it!

All of our kids know that they are each unique and special to us. Keith was our surprise child (not an "oops," just a surprise--in a good way). We can't imagine our family without him. These are some of the things that makes Keith special to us:

  • His big bear hugs
  • His friendly way with people--he is everyone's buddy
  • He is the person in the family who know how to work all the electronics
  • He likes to cook
  • He likes to help people
  • He loves animals
  • He is affectionate to his mom and grandmas
  • He is a kind person to all--he is never mean
Happy birthday, Keith!

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