Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Afternoon in Pictures

We took a little drive this afternoon down to Indio to see if we could find a particular bookstore.  We didn't find the bookstore, but we did come across this lovely grove of date palms AND a store that sells all things that have to do with dates--plus some other odds and ends.  Can you see the ladders at the tops of the trees?

Edge of the date palm grove with view of mountains.

This store/restaurant is right next to the date palm grove. Shields has been in business since 1924.

You can get a date shake which is a very popular thing in Southern California; you can also get fresh grapefruit juice.

I never knew that dates came in so many varieties! There must have been 6 or 7 different types available for purchase.

Shields is probably the oldest, or one of the oldest, businesses in the whole Coachella Valley.

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know that my husband and I saw the actor, Val Kilmer, at a thriftstore last week. Unbelievably, we met Fabio at a bookstore today! He was so nice and let Jessica have a picture with him. If he looks a little bit like a cardboard cutout, well...he's been a little under the weather lately. :)
This is our dog Max. He stayed home today, but when you see the next picture, you'll understand why I posted this.
We saw this poster of a cute, little, lost doggy named Pookie.  Hmmmm....I wonder if there is a reward?  Oh, Maaaxxx...I mean, Poooookie!

Gorgeous view of Highway 111 in Indian Wells.

The mountain in view is known as Eisenhower's Mountain. President and Mrs. Eisenhower, in their retirement years, lived in a house on a golf course located in the shadow of this mountain. I wish we could see the house, but it is in a gated area on the golf course. The line in the middle of the picture is the antenna of our van! lol

I took this picture because this is just so beautiful! It's the entrance to a community. There are waterfalls on the left and right side of the actual entrance--you can see the one on the left side pretty well.

William and Jessica

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