Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Day at Calico Ghost Town

     There aren't very many ways out of Yucca Valley, but we loaded up the van and headed out on Old Lady Springs Road which had us up on the most amazing rocky location in a matter of seconds. We headed out into the the vast desert and enjoyed the scenery on our way to meet my brother-in-law, Keith; sister-in-law, Tracy; and their kids, Lauren and Will. We all met at the Calico Ghost Town at about 10:30 a.m. They were on time--we were late! We had the greatest day exploring an old gold mine, watching a Civil War reenactment, and looking for treasures in the shops. Calico was an old mining town in the 1800's. Gold and borax were the minerals taken out of the mountains. Our guess was that the borax was used to wash the smelly clothes of the hard-working miners. I didn't know that Abraham Lincoln had traveled out West, but apparently he did because busy having his picture taken with lots of tourists!

     We have been so blessed to have Keith and Tracy live just an hour down the highway from us. They have really helped us to make this big transition in our lives a much more enjoyable and smooth experience. When we have needed encouraging, they have encouraged us. When we have needed fun, they have provided it. Tracy is great at coming up with plans for our families, and our adventure to Calico was a magnificent plan! The trip to Calico was partly to spend a day doing something fun and partly to celebrate two very important birthdays that are coming up this week. Tracy and Keith's son, Will's birthday is on February 23, and our youngest son Keith's birthday is on February 26. Our kids have loved getting to spend lots of time with their West Coast cousins, and the trip to Calico was one of the best days yet!

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