Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ways to Make God a Part of Our Public Conversation

 I mentioned in a previous blog that I have been feeling convicted about my lack of sharing God with the public at large. I have brainstormed to find ways in which I could be more effective talking about God in my everyday dealings. So here are my ideas:

1. When talking about beautiful weather, give God the credit.

2. If you find a good deal while shopping, tell the cashier or anyone who will listen the blessing you received.

3. When going to the doctor or the dentist, thank them for the work they did to make you feel better. Tell them them that they were a blessing to you.

4. Find things to be thankful for while in public and then mention it to someone along the way. Find ways to give God the glory.

5. If you have an answer to prayer, share it with everyone--even those strangers you meet along the way. When I first got my own office at Hyles-Anderson College, I did not have a desk. I prayed for a desk for a few months, and then one day I found a beautiful desk by the road. When I got out to look at it, the man who it belonged to came over and said, "It was my daughter's, but you can have it." I was so excited about this answer to prayer, that I couldn't keep it to myself. I told the man how excited I was that God had answered my prayer. The man was so happy for me that he even loaded the desk in his truck and took it to my college office for me!

Maybe you have some ways that you could add to this list. I would love to hear your stories about how you have let people know you are a Christian and how you glorify God while out in public.

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